It all started when….

Dylan was a child. He was a rider from an early age and inspired the same love of cycling in all children including those that he and Nadine brought into this world: Neeve, Fiona and Rowan. In keeping with a Braveheart tradition, the Braveheart Ride & Family Day includes a special ride just for the kids.  Kids Ride registration is just $15

Read the words from the blog of Patrick Connelly, Dylan’s father:

“I don’t recall the precise moment when Dylan first began to ride a two-wheeler. Perhaps it was because he could always just ride and there was no defining moment.  After watching him at play one glorious Colorado morning when he was three years old  - a few magnificent white clouds moving from the west across a Capri blue sky over the fir and aspen steeps between the rock faces of the Flatirons of the Rocky Mountains’ front range - a neighbor exclaimed “man, that kid sure loves wheels - anything with wheels.” A truer statement couldn’t be spoken. Dylan sped off along the sidewalk on his first bicycle, what was to be his first of many wheeled vehicles.

The wind in his face when he rode on that day in Boulder instantly inspired a smile in him, which transferred to me in turn. His white-blonde hair parted to the rush of spring air as he bounced to the beat of the shock from every crack and bump he so purposefully hit as he extracted thrills from the vibrancy of the more perilous terrain, preferring it to the smooth stretches of paved path. Drawn in by something primal in the spins of wheels on all manner of machinery at an early age and by the challenges that accompany roads less traveled, the trinity of motion, balance and ruggedness formed Dylan’s early mystical touchstones. Recalling his ride on that day, contemplating the motion of his bicycle, now serves as a poignant reminder that one must balance to move and move to balance.”